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The internal diameter of the horizontal film evaporator is larger than that of a vertical film evaporator of the same size, which is a disadvantage because it is more expensive to build. However, this reduces the pressure drop of the vapour and thus improves the process performance;

Horizontal film evaporators can form a very stable liquid film even at very high concentration rates, which is much better than vertical film evaporators;

The residence time of horizontal evaporators is longer than that of vertical evaporators, and if the evaporator is used in a reactor or dryer, the longer residence time can be an advantage.

HTE Horizontal Thin Film Evaporator
ModelHeat Exchange AreaABCD
HTE 1050.05 1053801000400
HTE 2700.40 2708401560900
HTE 4301.20 430107023001400
HTE 5502.40 550128030002000
HTE 7504.50 750152039002500
HTE 9806.80 980197051503000
HTE 123011.50 1230239065004000
HTE 1230/1515.00 1230239075005000

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