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- In order to find the best solution for your product, we have different types of rotors available;

- Rotors are dynamically balanced to minimise vibration and final balancing is carried out on the assembled machine to achieve the best possible accuracy;

- Double-ended mechanical seals with liquid flushing system;

- Bottom shaft sleeve with auxiliary lubrication connection;

- Side discharge option available so that the bottom cone and tube do not need to be removed when replacing the bottom sleeve;

- The evaporation chamber is machined before polishing to ensure minimum clearance to the rotor, thus greatly improving the performance of the thin-film evaporator.


Areas of application for the thin film evaporator:

- Products that cannot be processed with conventional equipment due to very high viscosity or high solids content;

- Products requiring short residence times and low temperature treatment due to temperature sensitivity;

- Processes requiring high mass transfer in addition to heat transfer requirements, such as reaction, vapour extraction of volatiles and deodorisation.

TFE Vertical Thin Film Evaporator
ModelHeat Exchange AreaABCDEF
TFE 85/.150.1517301100851500250350
TFE 100/.30.30 205013501002000280400
TFE 200/.750.75 310017152003000500550
TFE 250/1.31.30 379022702504000520600
TFE 320/2.32.30 515031603205400640670
TFE 400/3.53.50 581036004006150900780
TFE 450/4.54.50 674542004507150900910
TFE 600/66.00 72654400600780014001140
TFE 700/7.57.50 78504750700750014001250
TFE 700/99.00 85505450700890014001250
TFE 850/10.510.586955550850900016001480
TFE 850/1212.00 953061008501005016001480
TFE 1000/1616.00 10200650010001100017001625
TFE 1000/2020.00 11600770010001260017001625
TFE 1300/2525.00 12150790013001270020001950
TFE 1400/3232.00 13650960014001460022002080
TFE 1700/4040.00 167501100017001670025002450

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