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- An economical, powerful and versatile equipment for large scale production;

- Suitable for use as a mixer, reactor, dryer and can be designed to operate under vacuum and/or pressure as required;

- The heating of the tank walls and cap as well as the stirring shaft and paddles results in a very large heating area, leading to particularly good heat transfer efficiency;

- The shaft seals can be stuffing box or interchangeable with double-ended wet, dry or non-contact mechanical seals;

- Due to the small clearance between the stirrer and the tank wall and the special design of the paddle, the discharge performance of the equipment is excellent;

- cGMP and FDA conformed.

Our HDC vacuum paddle dryer is suitable for batch drying of the following types of products:

- Crystalline products in granular form;

- Thermosensitive products that are denatured even at low temperatures;

- Toxic and/or oxidisable products from filter presses or centrifuges.


The drying time is considerably reduced due to the following features of this dryer:

- Continuous mixing and stirring of the product;

- excellent heat transfer for both heating and cooling of the powder;

- In-line sampling without vacuum break and downtime.

HDC Vacuum Paddle Dryer
ModelTotal VolumeProduct VolumeABCDEF
HDC 15001.60 1.00 1000200050008102730750
HDC 20002.00 1.30 12001800520010003180900
HDC 30003.40 2.20 12003000559010003270900
HDC 40004.00 2.60 12003550614010003270900
HDC 50005.00 3.00 140032005950110039001150
HDC 60006.20 3.70 140040006750110043001150
HDC 80008.00 5.00 160040006950120043001250
HDC 1000010.20 6.30 180040007130138040001450
HDC 1250012.50 7.70 180049008050138040001450
HDC 1500014.30 8.70 180056008950138056501450
HDC 1800018.70 11.40 210055009100154056501650
HDC 2200022.00 13.40 220058009400162066001800

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