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- Quick-opening flat cap is easy to open for cleaning and checking;

- All surfaces in contact with the material are heated, such as the tank, rear cap, front cap, agitator and dust collector, which provides high heat transfer efficiency;

- Double-ended wet, dry or non-contact mechanical seals, which is suitable for aseptic products;

- Fully CIP and SIP systems;

- cGMP and FDA conformed.


The drying time can be significantly reduced due to the following features of this dryer:

- Continuous mixing and stirring of the product;

- Excellent heat transfer performance for both heating and cooling of the powder;

- In-line sampling, no vacuum break and no downtime required.

HDS Vacuum Paddle Dryer
ModelTotal volumeProduct volumeABCDEF
HDS 50 0.068 0.05 45045019004509201800
HDS 1000.12 0.084 55055023504809201800
HDS 2000.20 0.15 55080027004809701880
HDS 3000.36 0.25 700960290054011901950
HDS 6000.60 0.40 8501100330062012702370
HDS 10001.00 0.60 10001300350080013002470
HDS 15001.50 1.00 11001600370085015002640
HDS 20001.90 1.20 12001650380098016202980
HDS 25002.40 1.50 130018004000104016203170
HDS 30003.10 2.00 150018004100113017003370

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