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- Side discharge valve with metal-to-metal hard seal or soft seal with FEP gasket

- Automatic or manual cleaning of the sealing surface to ensure the sealing of the side discharge valve

- Two, three or four stirring paddles can be installed to increase stirring and drying efficiency and discharge speed

- Can be used in combination with airflow drying for high drying efficiency

- Quick-open automatic locking device or C-ring bolts to secure the main flange

- Filter media in metal multilayer sintered mesh, single layer metal or non-metal filter cloth

- Double-ended wet, dry or non-contact mechanical seals for chemical or aseptic processes

- Fully CIP and SIP systems

- Manual or fully automatic tailing removal

- cGMP and FDA conformed

PFDS three-in-one filter dryer
ModelFilter AreaEffective VolumeABCDEF
PFDS5000.20 0.15 500200114078024001000
PFDS6000.28 0.21 600200122078025001250
PFDS7000.38 0.27 700250122078025001250
PFDS8000.50 0.50 800300150090030001250
PFDS10000.79 0.80 1000400180090032001600
PFDS12001.13 1.30 1200400180097035001600
PFDS14001.53 1.68 1400400180097035501600
PFDS16002.00 2.20 16004001850105036501600
PFDS18002.54 2.58 18004001850110037001600
PFDS20003.14 3.28 20004001920110037001600
PFDS23004.15 3.93 23004001950110038001600
PFDS26005.30 6.58 26005002350130045001600
PFDS28006.15 7.40 28005002350130045001600
PFDS32008.00 9.20 32005002400145046001600
PFDS360010.17 10.80 36005002400145046001600
PFDS400012.56 12.60 40005002450110045501600

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